Be Bold, Be Colorful, Be Outstanding

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My Story 

Patchitude [pach-i-tood]: the courage to be bold, colorful and outstanding. It is two arms raised proudly up to the sky. 

Fashion for me intersects with so many cool and wonderful interests: self expression in design, film, culture, food, health, fitness, wellbeing, my list goes on. I was born in Syria and raised in Israel, Pakistan and India. I am a West Indian American with roots in Trinidad and Tobago. My father worked for the United Nations, and the opportunity that created for my family to live overseas has very much shaped who I am and how I see the world. Travel is an important education. Having an understanding of different cultures is a beautiful thing. The world is a wonder. Exploring it with my family before the age of 17, into my post college years with my husband, and now passing on that wonder to my two daughters is a gift.

Inspiration and Meaning

Patches are symbolic: they unite; they protect; they reinforce; they uniquely stand out. The idea behind Two Patches in the original Two Patches collection symbolizes what I call Patchitude [pach-i-tood]: the courage to be bold, colorful and outstanding. It is two arms raised proudly up to the sky.

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The Golden Nugget

Two Patches is based around the idea of curating fun, colorful, clothing from around the world so girls and boys of all ages can journey through self-expression with style and confidence. It all starts with parents of course, and how you choose to dress your children. The Two Patches philosophy: Go forth and make glorious, bold, choices. Or, stay timeless, clean and understated. Be one thing or many things. Fashion is like a Kaleidoscope. Ultimately there are no hard and fast rules. Well, maybe there are a few. However, if I can offer you one golden nugget of wisdom: Let your child's clothing and accessories be a gateway to his/her most happy and confident self. Swagger can be a good thing, especially if it makes you smile.

Journey On,

Celeste Gregoire