The Four Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own

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I love wearing dresses in the spring, summertime, and fall. They make dressing so simple. There is no need to rummage through your wardrobe to find a top to match your bottom or a bottom to match your top. Once I know the occasion I'm dressing for, the only dilemma for me most days is to figure out what shoes to wear. Here are a few types of dresses I believe every girl should have in her wardrobe. 


The Little Black Dress

The definitive, black dress is personal to every woman, but what it does for each woman is exceptional. To earn the title of "the little black dress," a dress needs to meet these four optimal requirements. 


1) It has to be multifunctioning, meaning you can dress it up or down. Wear it with slides for a backyard barbeque or heels and fantastic jewelry for a more upscale event. It's a great option to throw in your suitcase and be ready for anything.


2) This next point could be debatable, but I think the little black dress should be approximately knee length. It can be above, it can be below, but it certainly can not be maxi-length which puts it out of the running and into another category. 


3) It has to fit your body to perfection and push your confidence level into the stratosphere. Yes, this dress has to make you feel fabulous and gorgeous. This point is non-negotiable.  


4) The final and most important attribute: every time you wear this black dress, you get complimented!  


That's it. If your dress meets these four requirements, congratulations, you have a true "little black dress" winner.


The Fun Boho Dress

The Fun Boho dress is my go-to dress for bumming around town on a lazy day, visiting the farmer's market, grabbing lunch. It's usually printed with an Ikat, paisley floral, or ombre and gives off an I'm in vacation mode vibe. It's a simple, fun dress and you can wear it for any casual occasion and look great. It can be long, or it can be short. Pair it with your favorite wedge heels, strappy, gladiator sandals, or a pair of slides, and you're good to go.


The professional

What do you wear when you need to look great, exude style, feel powerful, confident, and feminine? The power sheath dress, of course. It skims the body perfectly without being revealing. Even if it's a casual office, I'm sure you can find a day where the power sheath can serve as your armor. "Dress with confidence, and confidence will come." 


The Party Girl

It's your time to shine, literally. You have a carte blanch to experiment with your style, so make sure you do. Break out the shine, sequins, satins, leather, lace, polka-dots. If your personality can rock it, then why not! The choices are limitless. Let the occasion inform your dress length, and then play with color and silhouette.


No matter what occasion you are dressing for, making sure your dresses fit correctly is a cardinal rule—no bunching at the zipper or pull at the buttons. My final pro-tip for a worthy dress: buy your dress slightly larger and have it tailored to fit your body to perfection.


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