The Best Swimsuit Choices and Colors For Kids

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Spring has sprung, and it is time to start thinking about swimwear for summer. It's never fun to pull out your daughter or son's favorite swimsuit or swim shorts only to find that it is too small, faded, or the elastic has dried up and snapped. Don't be that parent whose child is at the beach flaunting a stretched-out, saggy swimsuit. Why not plan and find that perfect swimwear early.


What are our recommended essentials? Boy swim shorts with a rash guard are ideal for sun protection. For girls, full-piece swimsuits are fantastic but don't dismiss bikinis. They have their place in every girl's wardrobe. A rash guard over a cute bikini offers plenty of modesty, as well as practicality and ease. 


We like swimwear in bright, bold colors at Two Patches that you can spot far down the beach. Think about it. When you try to keep tabs on your child, you want to scan the beach or pool area and find them quickly.  Rashguards, swimsuits, and swim shorts in florescent colors like yellow, orange, green, and red are easiest to spot in daylight hours. 


Finally, shop in unique places to find swimwear that 3 or 4 other kids aren't wearing. We all love those big box stores for their inexpensive finds, but the trade-off is multiple kids throughout the summer sporting that same dolphin girl's swimsuit in rainbow and those same boys' swim shorts with the Star Wars graphic. No originality, no nada.


Two Patches swimwear collection has you covered. Check out our latest swimsuits for girls, swim shorts for boys, and of course, the all-important rash guard in multiple colors.


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