Last Minute Ideas for Christmas Family Fun

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Boy in homemade ugly Christmas sweater


Christmas 2020 is practically here but, I'm sure everyone's social calendar looks different this year. There is a lot less going on, and a lot more home time. This gives us even more reason to try out some interesting new games to liven up family fun, keep the good cheer flowing, and make some memories.

Family Ugly Sweater Competition: Team up or work separately to create your very own ugly sweater using available toys, everyday items, or whatever you have around the house. Secure items with duck tape and safety pins for supreme ugliness. This activity is only limited by your imagination or how much stuff you can attach to your sweater of choice. Create your own rules.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Kid's love searching for things. Create your own scavenger hunt by writing out 10 - 20 clues that lead the hunter around your house, property or wherever. Include a few silly challenges along the way such as: "wrap yourself up stylishly in a bedsheet, and let your mom take a picture in order to get your next clue."  Have the hunt end in the kitchen where the final challenge is to create a new, edible, dessert with at least 6-7 different ingredients. Don't forget the final prize!

Classic Movie Afternoon: There is nothing like a classic afternoon movie with all the fixings: hot chocolate, popcorn, and your fancy treat of choice. I say classic because rewatching a movie you haven't seen in a while, but know is really good, takes the possibility of this family event turning into a dud out of the equation. Afternoon movies have that great, do nothing, easy going feeling. So lean back, relax and enjoy your next flick.

Happy Holidays!



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